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"Marketing is NOT sales. Marketing . . . is how you transform yourself
from an annoying pest into an invited guest in your prospect's home.

Ben Hart - $500 Million Direct Mail Marketing Expert 

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Marketers: Finally, the
"Nuts-and-Bolts" Marketing
Skills to Promote Your Business
. . . and the Tools to Get You There:

If you want to start your own business
If you want to take your business to the next level
If you know you could do better
If you just know that you could compete better
If your selling and marketing seems stuck
If you want more sales and profits
If you want to spend less time earning more
If you want a better lifestyle
If you want to put your marketing on autopilot
If you want to use mindset as a "tool"

Marketing Mindset will show you how to develop a marketing system that actually works.  If you are already successful or are just thinking of starting a business, you'll find lots of practical marketing strategies that you can implement right away
. . . and since the publishers of are actually in business, we use these proven methods day-to-day.

Marketing Mindset Profitable Thinking: Develop Your Marketer's Mindset and Help Your Customers Buy!  To create a successful business, you must be able to get as many customers as possible to purchase your product or service at a profit. So you develop a great idea and then all you have to do is go out and sell it. Right? Sounds so simple, but it's not quite correct . . .

 the-marketing-mindset Marketing Case Study: The Tale Of Two Business Owners  On a beautiful late spring afternoon, about 15 years ago, two young men started their very own roofing businesses in the same town.  Both were very much alike, very hard workers, with about the same backgrounds.

Both had mastered their trade, and were filled with ambitious dreams for their new businesses.

It’s now 15 years later.  They’re still very much alike.  They both are happily married, with families-- and both, as it turned out, are very successful . . .

the-marketing-mindset  Advanced Marketing: Transform Your Website Into An Automated Direct Response Marketing Machine What would it be like to have an automatic selling machine where prospects would automatically arrive at the front door, walk through, and come out the back door a happy, satisfied customer?  . . . and you didn't have to make a sales call or even meet with that prospect?  Wouldn't that be great . . .

the-buyers-mindset The Buyer's Mindset: What's In It For Me?  What is it that your prospects want to read on your website or in your salesletter?

Sorry, but it's not about you.  They don't care that you have kids named Susan or Jake, or that you work your fingers to the bone, or even that you're a great guy.  They don't care if you make money or not and they don't care if you've been in business since 1950 . . .

website-essentials How to Use the Internet to Build Your Local Business  We hear so much today about the global reach of the internet and how the internet allows a small business to have a world wide reach for very little money.  Here we will discuss how to use the internet to build a national business or even a global business . . .

USP Marketers Mindset Figuring Out Your Unique Selling Proposition  What is it that's different about your business, your product, or your service? What does your product do that no other product does? How are you different from your competitors?

Can you tell me in just a sentence or two why I (or anyone else) should buy from you instead of all the other choices . . .

Make Your Website Work Effectively With Direct Response Marketing
Today you do not have a real business unless you have a good website.  Most small businesses today have a website centered around their business -- and are not focused on the solutions to the customer's problems.  Most websites are like those old fashioned brochures that the customers usually just throw throw out with the trash . . .

the-marketing-mindset-law-of-subtraction The Law of Subtraction: Removing the Barriers That Distract Buyers  In the following video by my good friend and mentor, Mark Hendricks, he explains "the REAL Secret" - removing the barriers that help you get "traction" so that you, and others can focus and take action.

Think about all the situations in your life where "clutter" and distraction gets in the way of achieving your goals . . .

Marketers 8020 Rule Pareto's 80/20 Mindset: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Increase Your Profits  In 1897 an Italian Economist named Pareto attempted to prove the distribution of wealth and income is not random, and that a consistant pattern appears throughout history, in all societies.  Henceforth, his "law" of income distribution became widely known as the 80/20 rule . . .

Eliminate Your Competition How to Disqualify Your Competition  Most of us want to do better against the competition - it’s just in our nature. 

I think there’s an abundance of wealth and opportunity everywhere, so I want everyone to do well.  I don’t really want to literally obliterate my competitors, but I also want to do better than them, and I know I can . . .

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