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"Marketing is NOT sales. Marketing . . . is how you transform yourself
from an annoying pest into an invited guest in your prospect's home.

Ben Hart - $500 Million Direct Mail Marketing Expert 

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The Buyer's Mindset:
What's In It For Me?
by Bill Thomas Jr

the-buyers-mindsetWhat is it that your prospects want to read on your website or in your salesletter?

Sorry, but it's not about you.  They don't care that you have kids named Susan or Jake, or that you work your fingers to the bone, or even that you're a great guy.  They don't care if you make money or not and they don't care if you've been in business since 1950.  They do, however, want to make sure that you're not "Jack the Ripper".

All the buyers care about is whether
you can deliver what they want

Do buyers care how much money Bayer makes, or whether they're a big company, or how much money they spent developing their aspirin?  No, they just want to know if they buy the product, "Will it make my headache go away -- NOW?"

So, first and foremost, write about what your readers are interested in, not what you are interested in.  Make your website 90% about the buyer and approximately 10% about you.

Second, your website or sales letter must look, feel, and read like a personal communication from a person, to another person.  And likewise, it must be written in a conversational tone just like you would talk face-to-face with someone.  No fancy ten-letter-word completely correct english from a college professor!  Write like a regular person talks to another person in everyday life.

Try to emulate the conversation you would
be having in your kitchen with a friend

The internet population is very busy.  Folks don't like to waste time -- and on the internet there is so much information available so quickly that if you haven't captured their attention and interest, they will click to the next site in just seconds.

Internet shoppers tend to scan content, usually from upper left to lower right, so it's important to know this when designing your site.  Use headlines that are interesting and attract attention, and make the reader want to read more.  Bullet points are helpful -- they help summarize and highlight the important features and benefits the prospect is looking for.  Position your offers and lead forms in the path of the general flow of the scanner.

Be The Helpful Expert, Not The Pushy Salesman

And remember, prospects "hate to be sold" but "love to buy", so be sure to use your marketer's mindset.  Become the obvious expert, the  conversational friend with the helpful information they need to commit to a sale.

The Rule of 7: Marketing Psychology and Mindset 

Seven days in a week, seven numbers in a phone number, the "lucky" number seven.  Well, it also happens that the average number of times that it takes for a prospect to be exposed to an offer before accepting is . . . you guessed it . . . seven.  Now that you know that, what will you do with this information?

Find the answer here . . . [web marketing essentials]

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