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"Marketing is NOT sales. Marketing . . . is how you transform yourself
from an annoying pest into an invited guest in your prospect's home.

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Marketers Mindset: Make Your
Website Work Effectively With
Direct Response Marketing
by Bill Thomas Jr

the-marketing-mindsetToday you do not have a real business unless you have a good website.  Most small businesses today have a website centered around their business -- and are not focused on the solutions to the customer's problems.  Most websites are like those old fashioned brochures that the customers usually just throw throw out with the trash.

"What's In It For Me?"

If you are marketing a product or service and your customer doesn't get this message in 2.5 seconds, chances are she's already clicked away to your competitor's website.  Using the marketers mindset and direct response marketing, your website must first catch their attention, then address the prospects wants, needs, and desires, then identify the problem, provide helpful information (relevant content), and offer a resonable solution (your product or service).  Sounds pretty simple, right?

Six Essential Direct Response Basics For Your Website:

1) An attention getting "grab the reader by the shoulders" benefit-driven Headline or Title that generates enough interest for the user to keep reading.

2) Identify the problem, agitate (rub some salt in the wound), then provide helpful free information (relevant content) from the expert (you).

3) A reasonable solution to the problem (your product or service).

4) An offer, maybe with some bonuses.

5) A "call to action", asking the prospect to accept your offer.

6) A method to capture their name and email address so that you can send additional information.

Marketers Mindset Six Website Basics

These are just the six raw basics your website needs just to have even a chance of succeeding.  Now for more advanced techniques that will kick your marketing campaign into "high gear", go back and review the "Advanced Automatic Marketing" section . . .  [read on]

Are you ready for the "Real Secret?" . . .[law of subtraction]

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