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Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Where to Begin?

When It Comes Down to YOU Actually Optimizing YOUR Website For the Search Engines, It Can Often Be Confusing and Difficult.

Following These Tips From Several of the Top SEO Experts Will Help Improve Your Site and Get It Noticed:

  • Research your keywords even before you buy your domain name.  Following the words that are working in your market and "themeing" your site around that will allow you to optimize the best and dominate your competition. 

  • Don't "stuff" your keywords, though.  Search Engines will penalize your for stuffing.  Use them in a conversational manner providing great content and value.  Appealing content will also make your site more "linkworthy", motivating other good sites to link to you.

  • The structure of the site must be easy for the Search Engine "spiders" to crawl.  Spiders crawl through the links, so the structure of your links defines how efficiently the spiders can flow through your site and index the information.  Getting this "on page" optimization right is often enough to beat your competition.

  • Your links should be static and clean HTML without "drop downs", designed from your homepage to your internal pages in a methodical, logical an uninterrupted way so the spiders (and users) don't get confused. 

  • Win the "link race".  Get more quality relevant incoming links than your closest competitor so that you can rank higher and get more traffic.

  • Don't Panic.  Winning the Search Engine Game is a roller-coaster ride.  I've been #1, #5, #7, and back to #1 all in the same week!  Just keep working, making your site better, and a lot of these things will fall into place naturally.

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