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The Law of Subtraction: Removing
the Barriers That Distract Buyers
by Bill Thomas Jr

the-marketing-mindset-law-of-subtractionIn the following video by my good friend and mentor, Mark Hendricks, he explains "the REAL Secret" - removing the barriers that help you get "traction" so that you, and others can focus and take action.

Think about all the situations in your life where "clutter" and distraction gets in the way of achieving your goals.

If you are a beliver in the Law of Attraction, as I am, you'll realize that in order to make it work, you must first get rid of the barriers that get in the way and discover the Law of Subtraction

Take a look at this short video. Trust me, it's a real eye opener.

Press Play Button Twice to Start

This enlightening video is an excerpt from a recent Mark Hendricks Mastermind Session.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Mark founded his Internet Success System Mastermind Program to help folks just like us discover the insider secrets to growing our businesses using the correct mindsets, techniques, and proven strategies -- like the Law of Subraction and the Law of Attraction. 

Now, for more subtraction principles . . . [80/20 Rule] 

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