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Marketing Case Study: The Tale of
Two Business Owners
by Bill Thomas Jr

the-marketing-mindsetOn a beautiful late spring afternoon, about 15 years ago, two young men started their very own roofing businesses in the same town.  Both were very much alike, very hard workers, with about the same backgrounds.

Both had mastered their trade, and were filled with ambitious dreams for their new businesses.

It’s now 15 years later.  They’re still very much alike.  They both are happily married, with families-- and both, as it turned out, are very successful in business.

But there is a difference.  One of the men owns a business that pulls in over $500K in sales per year; yet the business requires almost all of his time, and each year he has to shut the business down to take a much needed vacation with his family.

The other owns a business that grosses over $10 Million per year.  He takes vacations with his family any time he wants to because his business runs mostly on autopilot without requiring him having to be there all the time.

“What Made the Difference?”

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes differences like this in people's lives?  It’s not always being a master of your trade or dedication to hard work.  It isn’t that one person is lazy, or that one person wants to be more successful than the other.

The difference lies in what each person knows, and the mindset that is required to make use of that knowledge.

“Marketing vs. Selling”

You see, the first roofer thought he was in the roofing business.  He concentrated his efforts on roofing.  Everything about his company was about roofing.  Roofing sales.  Roofing techniques.  Making his roofing better to improve his sales.

But his sales do not improve every year.  Despite the fact that he spent so much more time and effort working his butt off, he can only do $500K in sales each year.  He no longer enjoys his work and his business will not grow.

Yet the second young man understood something.  He understood that he was NOT just in the roofing business.  He was in the marketing business, the business of marketing roofing services to his clients.  He understood the marketers mindset, and knew that he, the business owner, needed to spend most of his time and resources on marketing his business - - not roofing.

As the second roofer’s business grows, his customers do most of the marketing for him, and life is good.

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