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"Marketing is NOT sales. Marketing . . . is how you transform yourself
from an annoying pest into an invited guest in your prospect's home.

Ben Hart - $500 Million Direct Mail Marketing Expert 

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How to Create a Business Card Your
Prospects Will Keep Forever!
by Bill Thomas Jr

Business Card Prospects Will KeepHow is it that we always seem to be chasing down customers and selling, when we should be marketing?  Shouldn't prospects be coming to us to buy our goods and services?  Sometimes we just lose focus and our mindset needs to be readjusted.

Remember, we need to be on the same side of the table as our prospect.  As marketers, we must provide solutions to our customers problems. 

We must fulfill their wants, needs, and desires; especially their wants.  Our job is to inform, educate, and provide useful material that they can use to buy the solutions that we offer.  The position we should take is that of being the helpful expert!

Writing a Book About Your Topic Assigns You "Instant
Expert Status" - - Even More Than Having a PhD!

That's right.  Become an author, declare yourself the expert, and your world will explode with new opportunities!  People will seek out and pay more money to the people they perceive as being the expert.  Now the tables are turned; customers will be chasing you down because you're the expert.  And these clients will be much better customers in general because they know the value of your good advice.

And guess what?  On your next visit, they may even ask you to sign your book.

Your Book Is Your Powerful
Competition-Crushing Business Card

Put yourself in your competitors shoes for a minute.  How impossible would it seem to be matched up against you, the expert in his field and the author AND publisher of a book?  Who is more professional?  Most people would hire the obvious expert that has written the book.  Who would you turn to?

Imagine a prospect is inquiring about your service and you are able to say, "Let me send you a copy of my book."   When your customer refers you to your friends she can say, "Well, he wrote the book on it!"  Being a self-published author is very powerful indeed.

Writing and Publishing Your Book Today
is Easy and Very Lucrative

The secret to getting your book, special report, case study, or ebook written and self-published is to take action, now!  Technology has made it very easy and affordable for almost everyone to get published and to make money at it.  No time is better than now to move your dreams from ideas to print.  Just imagine what your new book will do for you and what it will mean to be the obvious expert -- the published author.

What's the Next Step?

The next step is to take your life, business, and career to the next level.  If you' like to learn the secrets of how to turn your book into "the business card your prospects will keep forever", and how becoming an author can turn the tables and have your customers chasing YOU, then just click on the link below to find out more:

The "Business Card" Your Prospects Will Keep Forever.


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